What Are FSC Certified Wooden Toys?

In this day of fast technology, wooden toys allow our children to reconnect with nature and traditional ways of playing. However, with the use of wood comes a responsibility, a responsibility of making sure that each toy is ethical manufactured and not produced at the expense of the environment. At Wooden Wonderland, we are devoted to seeing children develop through play. We also believe that play should take place in a world where we take responsibility for a sustainable future. 

We love stocking products that have been produced using FSC certified wood. It means they have been independently assessed and audited to be using sustainable manufacturing practices and it does not require us to dig deeper to confirm the origins of the product before including it in our range. We always want to know all products we stock have been ethically and sustainably produced and having a FSC certification just makes this process a little easier. However, it is important to note that just because a product does not have a FSC certification certainly does not mean that it has been produced in an unsustainable manner. Wood can still be sustainably sourced and not FSC certified. FSC certified wood is not readily available in all regions of the world and some smaller producers may find the cost to source FSC certified products a little too high when they are starting out so select other wood options instead, which are still sustainably sourced, just without the certification. 

What are FSC Certified Forests?

The forest gives us clean water, fresh air and helps to slow down global warming. Responsible forestry ensures that forests can continue to help us in the long term. The Forest Stewardship Council®, or FSC as it is more commonly known, is an international member organisation that safeguards, monitors and encourages sustainable forest management. These rules ensure that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processesAdditionally, all wooden products that meet these standards have practiced sustainability from end to end in a product's lifespan. 

A FSC certification means that all the wood useis traceable and that it originates from responsibly managed forests. It also guarantees that the raw materials do not come from illegal logging sources. 

What is a FSC Certified Wooden Toy?

Based on the certification system conducted by the FSC, when a wooden toy is FSC certified, it means that the wood that was used to produce the item comes from a forest that is responsibly harvested and audited by the FSC.

By choosing FSC certified products, you can shop confidently knowing you’re helping to maintain a more sustainable planet for your children’s future. 

We stock several brands where all of the wood they source comes from FSC certified forests. These brands include:

• Astrup
• Magic Wood
• Masterkidz

Regardless of the certification a toy has, when you buy from Wooden Wonderland you can do so knowing that the toy has been ethically and sustainably produced.

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