The Best Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Are you looking for a challenging, yet fun activity for your kids to enjoy? Then look no further than a wooden jigsaw puzzle!

At Wooden Wonderland we have a large selection of quality wooden jigsaw puzzles for toddlers right through to junior schoolers. We stock jigsaw puzzles from leading brands including Masterkidz, Melissa & Doug and Goki.

We’re convinced that every child can benefit from puzzle play as puzzles are one of the key building blocks to early learning. Here are a few ways puzzles can help with a child’s development:

• Fine Motor Skills - manipulating the pieces of a puzzle develops the small hand muscles of children. Fine motor skills are so important, yet they take lots of practice and repetition to properly develop. Puzzles encourage kids to master this skill without even knowing it!
• Hand-Eye Coordination - puzzles are also crucial for helping build hand-eye coordination. Each piece will only have one "home" on the puzzle board and placing it in its place can often require some careful manipulation.
• Visual Reasoning - each puzzle piece shows visual clues like colour, shape, or pattern that need to be interpreted to determine where the piece will fit.
• Early Language & Math Concepts - puzzles can also help teach and reinforce early identification and recognition of letters, numbers, shapes, colours, and animals, and help build vocabulary and descriptive skills.
• Pride & Confidence - Kids love to master completing a puzzle, and then use their memory skills to engage in the repetition of putting the puzzle together faster and faster. Since puzzles are self-correcting and only fit together one way, kids get the “I can do it” satisfaction of putting the piece in the proper place. Completing the puzzle again and again gives children a tremendous sense of accomplishment and builds their confidence!

If these benefits aren’t enough reasons to convince you why your little one needs a jigsaw puzzle, then let's check out the features of some of the puzzles we stock.

1. An Extensive Range of Themes

There is sure to be a puzzle that will spark your child's interest. Our puzzle themes include: farmsafariconstructioninsectsrainforestsea creatures and more!. 

2. Compact and Self-Contained
All our wooden jigsaw puzzles come packaged in a sturdy wooden tray or storage box for and easy storage. 

3. Durable & Thick Pieces
All puzzle pieces are exceptionally durable and smooth to touch with no sharp or rough edges. Additionally, the thick pieces allow for little hands to easily pick up the pieces without assistance.

4. Options for 12, 20, 24, 48 Pieces
We have wooden jigsaw puzzle options from 12 right through to 48 pieces so your little one's puzzle collection can grow with them as they enjoy the thrill of completing the puzzle on their journey to being a puzzle master.

You can browse all our wooden jigsaw puzzles here. 

At Wooden Wonderland, we only sell the highest quality wooden jigsaw puzzles and our extensive range ensures we will have a puzzle option suitable for new puzzlers in their toddler years right through to junior schoolers who are starting to master more challenging designs.

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