About Us

Welcome to your very own Wooden Wonderland!

Wooden Wonderland came to life through a desire to bring the joys I felt as a child playing with my grandfather’s handmade wooden rocking horse to the generation of today.

That rocking horse was the top of my entertainment list for a good 5 years of my childhood.  Even now I can still remember the movement and the feeling of joy and relaxation from rocking over 25 years later!  It is these warm and fuzzy memories that I hope Wooden Wonderland will create for your family.

 Child on Wooden Rocking Horse


My aim is to bring you the best quality products and offer you the largest range of wooden toys, furniture and games.  I have searched high and low for the best quality products.  Products that are built to last.  Products made from wood. 

My confidence that you will be as delighted with these products as I am is so high that I offer a Satisfaction Guarantee for all purchases from Wooden Wonderland.

I honestly believe that you will not find a product range as large as this on another Australian online shop dedicated to the creation of “wooden memories”.  Grab a cup of tea (or coffee!), sit back, relax and enjoy your shopping experience at Wooden Wonderland because this is just day one of the lifetime of memories your purchases will create.