PlanToys Wooden Toys in Australia

The PlanToys story began back in 1981, when 7 University graduates came together with a mission in mind to produce sustainable, eco-friendly, wooden educational toys, games, puzzles and crafts which help stimulate activity and creativity in babies, toddlers and children.

Now a global company with all toys sustainably made in Thailand, PlanToys are far more than just a toy manufacturer. They have been able to establish their production processes in such a way that they utilise sustainable natural resources to create minimal to zero waste. They were the first company in the world to be able to manufacture toys from reclaimed rubber wood that uses no latex.

All natural, eco-materials, chemical-free and using wood from reclaimed rubber wood trees, PlanToys intentionally considers every single step of their production process in order to minimise their environmental impact. They have now even created a brand new material called PlanWood by purely using leftover sawdust and a thermal process to be able to form shapes.

All PlanToys products exceed international safety standards, allowing parents peace of mind while their children are at play. They are known for their focus on child safety and age milestones. The company has a heavy focus on helping to enhance both physical and cognitive development through play.

PlanToys envision that children of future generations will not only grow in their ability to imagine and create with their wooden toys, but that they will also grow closer to nature and have a better understanding of the importance of a green lifestyle. They truly believe that the desired outcome from the use of their products is “Better Kids, Better World”.

“If one simple plaything helps one small child become a person who understand the value of life... and the valuable connection between them and the world in which they live, then we have proudly done our job.” 
- PlanToys

At Wooden Wonderland, we stock over 50 PlanToys products and find their quality and play value to be second to none. The toys are original, they are durable and they will last from one generation to the next. When buying a PlanToys product you do so knowing you are buying a product that has been thoughtfully produced with minimal impact on the environment in which we live.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Baby Walker

2. Balancing Cactus

3. Wautomobile Water Car

4. Beehives

5. Submarine & Submariner Bath Toy

6. Surgeon Set

You can also view the full PlanToys range here.

PlanToys in Australia

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