October 04, 2017

We love our wooden toys, they last a lifetime and the craftmanship and quality is just too hard to pass up.

Now that we have Christmas fast approaching we wanted to share with you one of the latest brands we have stocked on our shelves - Grimm's Speil & Holz.

When we think of quality and happy memories, we think of Grimm's.

Grimm’s Spiel & Holz have been in the toy game for many years now, since 1978 in fact, and they certainly know what they’re doing. These all-natural toys are well renowned in Europe and you will find them being extensively played with in European kindergartens and adored by kids everywhere.

You may have already come across the Rainbow - Large in your travels. A magnificent large wooden rainbow with twelve curved pieces that can be stacked in an infinite number of ways. This is undoubtably the best seller in the Grimm's range. However, there is also a medium and small version available if something smaller is required and there is also the stunning pastel design which is perfect for a more subtle decor addition.

A common theme across all the Grimm's toy range is they are very open ended which enables your kids to explore different learning opportunities, depending on how your little one’s mind is focused.

Let’s discuss the rainbow stacker for example – each coloured rainbow piece is separate from the rest, and can be creatively used in ways that you never thought possible. A tunnel for your trains, a boat to travel the imaginary high seas, a cradle for your little doll… the possibilities are endless!

These fabulous toys have been specifically designed to encourage sensory development and are recognised for their distinctively wonderful textures and stunning coloured finishes.

Sourced and created using European timbers from sustainably managed forests, all of the Grimm's toys are coated with natural oil and the coloured toys are stained with water based dyes.

The use of natural materials, simplistic designs and use of problem solving and logic in their toys makes us extremely confident that you will love each and every one of the toys in this range as much as we do.

Grimm's have toys for different age groups, so if you are after something for your bub - try the grasping toys and rattles! There are building blocks for the toddlers, and classic puzzles and sorting toys for the bigger kiddies (and the young at heart adults too!).

These days kids don’t have a lot of opportunity to use their imagination with all the modern technology that’s so easily accessible. That’s why Grimm's wooden toys are such a fantastic tool for your kid’s minds. They enable you to think outside of the box, and learn to create and design.

Grimm's toys are literally a building block to your children’s future - Construction Supervisor? Architect? Interior Designer? Watching your children learn and grow with toys like this is something you won’t want to miss out on.

Make sure you check out our complete Grimm's range today. It will colour your world instantly!

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