Toys to Put a Spring into Your Kids' Step this Spring!

Are you ready to start soaking up some of that glorious sunshine now that Spring has finally arrived?!

What better way to do that than spend some time with your kids outdoors whilst they play with their favourite toys. We have a wide array of wonderful outdoorsy toys that will provide endless amounts of fun for your youngins. Let us tell you a bit about 3 of our favourite outdoor toys that are perfect for Spring playtime fun!

Kidkraft Pirate Sandbox

Ahoy there matey! You absolutely must check out this pirate themed sandpit, crafted out of weather-resistant timber (ideal since our Aussie sun is quite strong and we want this baby to last as long as possible). Your kids can sail the seven seas with their fellow pirate loving friends and discover treasure far and wide! Sand fills the front section of the piratKidkraft Pirate Sandboxe ship, while a little seat to steer the vessel sits behind that. What’s also perfect is the storage space (we always love a bit of storage space!) to keep buckets, spades and all other sand toys neatly packed away. To protect that young skin from the hot sun, there’s a blue canopy overhead which will come in handy on those scorching summer days that are fast approaching. The sandpit is built on the larger size so a few little pirates mates can play together at once. We also love that this sandpit was designed with a “think outside the sandbox” attitude, this isn’t just your average sandpit, this one has attitude and style! Shiver me timbers!

You can view the our full Outdoor play rang here.

EverEarth Gardening Bag with Tools

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – especially when you witness your kids trying to be just like you! Watching your kids grow from little human to big human is an amazing experience – that’s why we love this Gardening Bag with Tools, because together, you can get your gardening gloves on and create EverEarth Gardening Bag with Toolsa beautiful garden! Plant brightly coloured flowers and watch them blossom each Spring, make your very own vege patch and wait for delicious vegetables to sprout from the soil and then with those, cook them up to make a delicious meal for the family. What better way for your children to start enjoying the fruits (and vegetables!) of their labour. Also, what’s great about this gorgeous gardening set is it will help teach your kids to become environmentally aware. EverEarth are a fabulous brand for many reasons, but one that sticks out to us is that for every product from their toy range that that is purchased, they will plant another tree in their FSC Certified Forest. How about that!

You can view the our full range of gardening toys here.

Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2 in 1 – Bamboo

Finding toys that grow with your kids can be challenging since we just want our children to enjoy their toys as much as possible! This little balance bike does just that, and transforms from trike to balance bike with 1 simple subtraction of a wheel as your little one grows and becomes more confidKinderfeets Tiny Tot 2 in 1 - Bambooent to ride a 2-wheeler! Balance bikes are wonderful to help children find their feet to get moving as well as for finding their balance. What’s more is the seat is adjustable, so as your little one grows taller they can sit up higher. Why not put a crate or a basket on the handlebars so that teddy or dolly can come along for the ride?! Bikes are always a good idea for some outdoor frolicking, but this particular design has a little bit more spunk than the others. Available in Bamboo (natural), pink, red, blue, green and makii (a funky white cartoon theme). Why not get your bike out of the shed too and join your kids for a ride in the park! Slap on some sunscreen and let’s go!

You can view the full Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2 in 1 range here


Go on… get out there and enjoy the best that Spring has to offer!

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