February 22, 2018

Here at Wooden Wonderland, we pride ourselves on finding the top quality wooden toys that last a lifetime and provide endless hours of fun for your children. So you can imagine that we were overjoyed when the new pastel range of Micki pastel products hit our shelves late last year! We love a feast for the eyes, and throw in the pastel products from the Grimm'sMamagenius and Kidkraft brands and we now have quite the pastel selection on offer! The folk in Europe certainly know what’s up when it comes to making beautiful toys.

Micki Pastel Walker with BlocksThe Micki Pastel Baby Walker with 50 Blocks was a hit over the Christmas season and it is one of our favourites too. Each wheel is a different delightful pastel colour, and the blocks that go into the tray are a delicious array of pinks, blues, greens and yellows. Not just a pretty toy - this walker also provides good, solid support for your little one as he or she is taking their first steps - and I must say, I’m super impressed that the wheels actually have a brake installed too! I was just saying the other day how good an idea it would be if walkers came with a brake - and low and behold, here we have, the Micki Walker! It’s like someone was listening! No more runaway walker with baby attached refusing to let go of their favourite toy. We can assure you that your little ones will spend many hours pushing this delightful pastel beauty around, but we can’t promise that the blocks will all end up back in the cart at the end of each day! I am still finding rogue blocks in various parts of my house, but hey, they is all part of the fun, right?!

By now surely you’ve heard about the famous Grimm's rainbows? Well check this out - now rainbows come in all shades of PASTEL too! It’s an ice-cream coloured dream come true! I bet you never knew how many different ways you could arrange the shapes in a rainbow! Create a pastel train tunnel, or a pastel coloured home with pink, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple walls! The possibilities are endless and we are loving this open-ended learning caper.
Grimm's Rainbow Pastel - Large
We can’t help but grin right back at this little guy! The Pastel Shape Sorting Box is so contagiously happy, you’ll be hard pressed NOT to feed him blocks. Encourage your little ones to match the different shaped blocks to the shaped holes to put all the blocks away. We love a good problem solving toy that comes with the added bonus of teaching kids fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and this shape sorting box has it all.
Micki Pastel Shape Sorting Box

I bet by now you are just imagining your little one’s play room completely decked out in all things pastel, I know I am! So let’s get you started with some delectable pastel delights today perfect for your little prince or princess!

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