April 12, 2020

The Best Wooden Puzzles for Preschoolers

Are you looking for quality wooden puzzles for your preschooler? If so, Masterkidz 20 piece jigsaw puzzles will be your perfect match!

What makes Masterkidz puzzles so great you ask? Well... keep reading to uncover just what makes these puzzles the best on the market.

1. Made from Thick Beech

Many wooden puzzles are manufactured from cheap, thin plywood these days, but not Masterkidz. All Masterkidz puzzles are manufactured from 4mm beech plywood making them exceptionally durable. The pieces are smooth to the touch with no sharp or rough edges.

2. An Extensive Range of Themes

There are 10 different designs in the Masterkidz 20 piece jigsaw puzzle range. There is sure to be a puzzle that will spark your child's interest. The range of puzzles includes farm, safari, construction, insects, pets, rainforest, sea creatures, circus and transportation.

3. Excellent Design

These puzzles are made for 3-5 year olds and they have been designed specifically for this age group. Each of the puzzles has the same scene printed on both the baseboard and the puzzle pieces. This design assists those who are new to the puzzling world to master their first puzzle. As your youngster masters the puzzle assembly in the baseboard against the background, they can then graduate to constructing the puzzle outside of the baseboard and without the background scene to assist them.

4. Compact and Self-Contained

The puzzles come complete with 20 jigsaw pieces all neatly contained on their purpose built baseboard. The existence of the baseboard also means that the puzzle can be nearly stored flat when not in use and the pieces should not go astray.

5. Eco Friendly & Sustainably Produced

As with all of our products, we ensure that they are sustainably produced. Masterkidz takes this commitment one step further with all of their puzzles produced using ethically sourced FSC certified European wood. All packaging materials are also made from recycled materials.

You can browse the full range of Masterkidz 20 piece wooden jigsaw puzzles here.

At Wooden Wonderland, we only stock the highest quality wooden puzzles on the market. You can be assured that any wooden jigsaw puzzles purchased from us will bring years of puzzling fun as your child masters the art of puzzle assembly.

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