Tiny Tot or Tiny Tot PLUS - Which Should You Choose?

The Tiny Tot 2 in 1 has recently had a makeover and the brand new PLUS model now graces our shelves alongside the original model we have trusted and loved for many years.

The Tiny Tot is a wooden 2 in 1 convertible tricycle to balance bike designed to be used as a three-wheel tricycle when first received. Once your child gains confidence and learns how to use their feet to steady themselves and get moving, it can then be converted to a small two-wheel balance bike.

So how is the PLUS different?  It is simply a larger version of the original Tiny Tot.

Here is how the Tiny Tot and Tiny Tot PLUS compare:


Tiny Tot Original

Tiny Tot PLUS

Colours Available

Bamboo, Cherry Red

Bamboo, Silver Sage, Rose, White, Slate Blue

Trike Size

62cm x 33cm x 38cm

72cm x 42cm x 43cm

Seat Height

23cm to 28cm

25cm to 34cm

Product Weight 2.9kg 3.6kg

Wood Type

Birch (Cherry Red)


Birch (Coloured Versions)



Airless Biodegradable EVA

Airless Biodegradable EVA

Maximum Rider Weight



Age Recommendation

12 Months – 24 Months

18 Months – 4 Years

Optional Extras

Crate, Basket

Crate, Basket 

All Kinderfeets products are designed in the USA and made in China to the strictest quality standards. All Tiny Tot models feature a height-adjustable cushioned seat and hand grips made from non-toxic materials with cushioned edges for added safety and bump protection. Water based non-toxic paints and varnished are used on all Kinderfeets products. Every product in the Kinderfeets range has been tested to ensure compliance with all applicable Australian safety standards.

When you receive your Tiny Tot, simple assembly is required using the included allen key and instructions. To convert from trike to balance bike you simply need to remove one of the rear wheels and adjust the axel. Everything needed to make the conversion is included in the box – please ensure that you store the conversion kit in a safe place for when it is needed.

Each Tiny Tot comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is limited to personal use only and covers the product when it is correctly stored and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

While we do provide recommended ages for the use of these two Tiny Tot models, a child’s size, gross motor skills, balance and coordination should all be taken into consideration. Some children may take a little longer than others to develop these skills.

So which one should you choose?

As a general recommendation, if you have a petite child who does show an interest in using a ride on toy, we would recommend the original Tiny Tot as the perfect first birthday gift for them. If your child is close to 18 months of age and walking confidently then the Tiny Tot PLUS may be a better option as it will provide them with extended riding time over the years to come.

Handy tip: Do keep in mind that if you look after your Tiny Tot well and store it correctly, re-sale value is generally very good. Even if you decide to choose the original Tiny Tot to start with, once your child out-grows it around their second birthday, you could then sell it and put the proceeds towards the PLUS model once they are a little older and their size and skill level is better suited to the larger frame.

Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Comparison

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