How to Choose Safe Toys for Your Child

With the wide range of toys available in the marketplace today, it can be hard to know as parents and caregivers which toys are a safe choice for our children.

To help, Product Safety Australia have the following advice for choosing and using safe toys.


Firstly, select sturdy toys that are well-made and can withstand children biting, sucking, pulling, jumping on or throwing the toy without it breaking.

Age Appropriate

Always check if there is an age grading label stating the suitability of the toy for children under three years old.

Children under three years old should never be given toys that have small parts or small objects like coins, batteries or screws. Toys for older children should be kept out of a young child’s reach.


Carefully read all instructions and labels regarding assembly, supervision and use. Remove and dispose of all plastic packaging immediately to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Damaged Toys

Regularly inspect your child’s toys and dispose of any broken toys immediately.

Please remember that wooden toys should never be stored in an environment that could expose them to moisture as it can compromise their integrity. Such environments can include verandahs, cubby houses and laundries where exposure to excess moisture is a possibility.

Parental Supervision

Parental supervision is always recommended. Always ensure that your child is taught how to correctly use a toy to ensure its durability and their own safety.

Only Purchase Toys from Trusted Sources

Always ensure that you are purchasing your toys from a trusted source to ensure that the toys comply with the minimum toy safety requirements as set out in Australian law.

At Wooden Wonderland, all of the toys we sell meet, and often exceed the minimum safety requirements as set out in the relevant Australian and International Standards related to toy safety.

You can shop with confidence and know the wooden toys you purchase are safe when shopping at Wooden Wonderland.

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