Assembly Geometric Shape Tray

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  • The purpose of this puzzle board is to show how different shapes can fit together to make new shapes.


    For the ages of 2 ½ years and onwards

    Purpose: To show how different shapes cant fit together to make a new shape.

    To enhance hand-eye coordination and concentration.

    Framework Mapping: EYLF

    • They are too young to realize the purpose but the concept will be absorbed.
    • First, start with the solid shapes take them out and show how you can find the shape to fit the right hole.
    • They need to do this gently and quietly.
    • Do the next row and then put them back, the same with the third row.
    • Only for an older child would you take them all out, as it is too overwhelming to have all the pieces out.
    • This is developing their cognitive skills and their recognition of shapes.
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