Loyalty Rewards Program - Retired

Our Loyalty Rewards Program will come to an end on 30 April 2022. All rewards credit earned between now and the end of April will automatically expire on 30 April.
No rewards credit will be able to be redeemed after this date. We are still committed to recognising and rewarding the loyalty of our repeat customers and our new process for doing so will be announced in more detail over the coming months.


We believe in loyalty and we love to reward our loyal repeat customers.
After much research and planning, we are officially launching our Loyalty Rewards Program. The program launches on 1 June 2020 and joining is absolutely FREE!

Joining the program is super simple. All you need to do is follow the three easy steps below:

1. Create an Account
If you do not already have Wooden Wonderland account, you can create one here.

2. Read the Program Terms & Conditions Below
By joining our Loyalty Rewards Program or applying rewards credit to any order you are confirming your understanding and agreement with all of the Terms & Conditions noted below.

3. Join Our Exclusive Loyalty Rewards Program Mailing List
Register your name and email below to join this special mailing list where exclusive restock announcements and special offers are made.

Loyalty Rewards Program Benefits

  • Credit for Every Order Over $50
    Order Value $50-$99 = $3 Credit
    Order Value $100-$199 = $7 Credit
    Order Value $200-$299 = $15 Credit
    Order Value $300-$399 = $25 Credit
    Order Value $400-$499 = $35 Credit
    Order Value $500+ = $50 Credit

  • Bonus Credit at Lifetime Spend Thresholds
    For every $1000 in lifetime spend starting at $2000, you will receive a BONUS one-off $50 credit every time a $1000 threshold is passed. Lifetime spend will incorporate all orders placed online since 1 January 2019.

  • Credit for Every Successful Referral
    Earn $5 credit for both YOU and your FRIEND when you send them a referral link and they checkout successfully using this link.

  • Access to Special Email Offers, First Restock Notifications & Promotions
    You will be included on our special Loyalty Rewards Program mailing list when you join using the sign up boxes above.

  • 'Wooden Wonderland Exclusives' Facebook Group Access
    You can request to join this closed facebook group here after you have made your first purchase with us. You must enter a past order number into the entry questions in order for your request to join to be accepted. The group has first announcements of new products, restocks and special offers and promotions.


For detailed instructions on how to earn and redeem your rewards, please click here.


  • All credit is issued with a standard 100 day expiry date. Once credit expires, it cannot be retrieved. Please ensure you check your balance regularly to understand what expires when.
  • Credit cannot be used against the purchase which earns it. Credit can only be applied to future purchases.
  • Credit cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
  • Credit is not transferable and cannot be merged between accounts. 
  • Credit cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Credit can only be redeemed against orders placed on the Wooden Wonderland website.
  • Every dollar of credit equals 1 Australian Dollar of spend.
  • Any order placed using rewards credit is not eligible for a change of mind return under our Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • If an order is placed and the order receives Loyalty Rewards credit and then it is requested to amend or cancel that order, then the Loyalty Rewards credit balance from that purchase will be adjusted to match the revised total amount of the order.
  • If rewards credit is redeemed and a refund is at a later date requested to be applied to the order it was earned against, an adjustment will be made to the refund amount to match the correct rewards credit that would have been earned on the original order.
  • Rewards credit cannot be applied to any order where your Loyalty Card Code has not been entered into the discount box on checkout. The rewards allocation and usage process is fully automated and our customer service team is unable to assist with applying credits after the checkout process has been completed.
  • In the event of a faulty product, it will be replaced, fixed or credited at the sole discretion of Wooden Wonderland. If a credit is to be issued, it will be issued in the exact same form that it was originally applied, i.e. rewards credit will never be refunded in cash and would only be refunded in the form of replacement credit to be used towards a future order.
  • Shipping fees cannot be adjusted on any order where a rewards credit has been used. This includes requests to refund shipping charges in order to combine orders for shipping purposes. We may from time to time combine orders for shipping if they are being shipped to the same address, however, we will not refund any shipping charges on an order where a rewards credit has been used.
  • We are unable to take orders over the phone to redeem rewards credit. Redeeming rewards credit can only be undertaking by placing an online order.
  • We reserve the right to correct any errors in rewards credit allocation at any point in time.