Sustainable Toy Choices

Sustainability and wooden toys that last

World Environment Day has got us thinking about how wooden toys help our children get back to nature and traditional ways of playing in this age of fast technology. We love the natural feel and classic styling, how authentic and durable they are, passed down through generations just like my Grandfather’s handmade rocking horse.

Wooden Wonderland About Us


There’s a reason why wooden toys are a classic and still around today. They’re made well, with high quality natural materials and superior craftsmanship. They’re sturdy and are less likely to be damaged as your children are playing with them. There are also no batteries to need replacing or pose a risk to the little ones.

Better for the environment

Future generations will reap the benefits of handing down their durable wooden toys. Saving them money but also reducing the amount of landfill. All of our wooden toys are non-toxic and made from sustainable timber, which is a renewable resource and better for the environment than toys made from plastic or other materials which can take hundreds of years to break down.

We also stock a number of brands that go one step further and only source their timber from FSC certified forests. Some of these brands include EverEarth, Grimm's, Masterkidz and Wooden Story.

Imaginative play

With no noisy buttons to push, the simple design of classic wooden toys encourages your child to use their imagination to learn, build, share and engage in open-ended play. This kind of child-directed play has enormous physical, cognitive, creative and psychological benefits for children.


As your child develops new skills and abilities, many wooden toys have the potential to grow with them. For example, the Trybike is suitable for children from 18 months - 5 years and can convert from a tricycle to a balance bike as your child grows.

Wooden Wonderland offers hundreds of high quality sustainable and non-toxic wooden toys that children of all ages will love. Here are a few of our favourites:


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