Bumbu Toys Have Arrived in Australia

It's not often we do a happy dance when a new brand arrives in store for the first time... but Bumbu Toys is certainly worth dancing for!

This delightful brand is designed and made in Romania. The workshop is located 1000m above sea level in Brasov county where local traditions are valued and have been preserved for generations. All of their toys are crafted with these traditions in mind with the goal of creating open-ended toys that are sustainably produced and be able to be passed from one generation to the next.

Bumbu Toys create a range of wooden toys that are natural, safe and durable. They are designed to appeal to a child's different senses and allow them to explore through touch, sight and smell. Bumbu Toys feel good; they are smooth with no rough edges and are a delight to hold. They also look good with a variety of natural grains and colours coming through with every piece. Last but not least, they also smell good with no nasty chemicals or harsh paints used in the manufacturing process which allows the natural wooden scents to remain.

All toys in the range are crafted from sustainable maple wood and are hand-coloured with non-toxic paints. To ensure a durable and safe finish, each of the wooden toys are immersed in high quality organic oil which is anti-bacterial and also helps to retain the colour and protect the surface.

All product packaging has been carefully selected with sustainability in mind and is 100% recyclable.

Bumbu Toys are designed to last and be handed down from one generation to the next for play to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. They are simple toys and encourage children to use their imaginations through open-ended play.

Here are some of our favourites from the range:

Watermelon Stacker
Large Oak Tree Autumn
Peacock Puzzle
Natural Cave Stacker
The full range of Bumbu Toys will be available at Wooden Wonderland in due course. Stocks are very limited so we encourage you to secure what you are after as soon as you are notified that it is available.

Understanding the Beauty and Unique Nature of Handmade Wooden Toys
As these products are handmade, some "imperfections" are to be expected on the finish of the product. The pieces are not varnished, leaving the timber with a gorgeous textural feel which may not be perfectly consistent. Each piece offers unique wood grain markings, knots and coloured spots which is completely normal and adds to the unique finish of each and every product. There may also be small amounts of paint transfer which can sanded off but can also be expected to occur over time with standard play. We encourage embracing every "imperfection" as it is the result of a collaboration between humans and nature without the use of chemicals or large machines. The beauty of handmade, natural wooden toys is that each and every one is unique.

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